As you constantly try to build your business, honing your services, and refining your products to please your customers, bookkeeping can feel somewhat burdensome and secondary in the grand scheme of things. Rationally, of course, you know better.

Keeping good accounting records is ultimately the cornerstone of your company’s success. Finding an Atlanta bookkeeper will help you improve your business’s financial health in the short-term and the long-term. With the right accounting firm, you can focus on the business of your business while your bookkeeper keeps tabs on your essential money matters.

What Criteria Should You Consider When Trying to Find a Bookkeeper?

When you start looking for an Atlanta bookkeeper, you might not feel certain how to proceed. You know the basics of what an accounting firm–and further, a bookkeeping professional–does, but you aren’t sure how to find the right one for your business’s needs.

Here are some basic ideas that will help you get started:

Find a Company With a Mission Statement Focused on Your Company’s Health.Since the point of contracting an accounting firm is to improve your business’s health, make it a point to look for that within mission statement.

Look for Distinctives to Help You Differentiate Among the Many Firms in Atlanta.Once you start looking at the many accounting and bookkeeping firms in Atlanta, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed. Once you start to browse through a firm’s list of distinctive features, you can narrow down your choices according to these distinguishing goals and characteristics for each company. Consider a company that commits to better policies, better processes, better personnel and better pricing.

Take Your Accounting Firm’s History Into Account. Look for a company whose history appeals to you, such as finding a company that started from meager beginnings. Maybe your accounting firm started as a small business, featuring one accountant, whose goals focused helping small business owners make the most of their initial success and helping them build on it, freeing entrepreneurs to keep their eye on their daily goals and objectives to make their product or service better. No matter how large that company is today, it is nice to know about your accounting firm’s beginnings and how they have done business in the past, as well as with whom.

What Types of Businesses Does Your Prospective Firm Represent and Will They Work for Your Needs? Most accounting firms are open to most types of businesses, so no matter what type of product or service you offer, your possible accounting firm can help you. Some of the types of businesses a solid and well-rounded firm represents include: attorneys, doctors, dentists, consultants, contractors, car washes, maid services, beauty suppliers, security providers, real estate brokers, homeowner associations, medical research and development and churches and non-profit organizations.

Consider What Types of Services You Need as You Search for Your Bookkeeper

Whether you need the full scope of services that an accounting firm provides, or you only need certain services, there are firms that can help you achieve your goals. Take a look at some of the bookkeeping and accounting services listed below for Atlanta businesses:

Bank Reconciliation.Sometimes sorting out the differences between your ledger and the bank statement take an expert eye, and your bookkeeper can help identify and rectify issues quickly.

Accounts Receivable.Take the worry of invoicing and collecting fees out of your personal equation and let your bookkeeper take care of those matters.

Accounts Payable.Keep your vendors happy by making sure you pay your bills on time, all the time.

Budgeting and Reporting. Gain a deeper understanding of why certain financial aspects of your business are working while others aren’t when your bookkeeper creates and translates reports into easily digestible and usable information for you and your associates.

Quickbooks Solutions. Your bookkeeper can help you learn more about the powerful tool that is Quickbooks and use it to your advantage.

Payroll and Taxes. Essential to your business, payroll and taxes are also time-consuming and sometimes stress-inducing for your staff, so bring in an expert who has years of experience and plenty of confidence in these areas.

Enjoy the Financial Health a Reliable Accounting Firm Offers

Once you hire an accounting firm, and your bookkeeper becomes acquainted with your business, you can ease into the rhythm of focusing on your daily business with far less stress.

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Entrust your business’s accounting tasks and financial success to a reliable and proven Atlanta bookkeeping firm who keeps your company’s best interests at the forefront of their goals.