SBS is committed to helping churches be good stewards of the money that God has entrusted to them. We understand the importance of ensuring there is accountability and transparency in ministry finances. We also understand that you have been called to ministry and that the business side of your ministry may not be your strong suit. That’s where SBS Accounting & Advisors steps in.

SBS will help you with:
  • Proper Designated Account Management
  • Church-Specific Reporting
  • Minsters’ Payroll (Housing Allowance & Tax Considerations)
  • Contribution Data Entry & Management
  • Budgetary/Advisory Services
  • Streamlined and Transparent Accounts Payable Process
  • Legal Compliance Assistance
  • Cost-Saving Plans
  • And so much more…

SBS has been supporting churches with their accounting needs for over 10 years. While located in Atlanta, GA, their services can be rendered anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can teach someone on your team how to enter these or you can simply upload the records, and we’ll enter for you.

Someone in your office will simply upload these to us by taking a pic of them as they come in using our AP app that installs on their phone. If bills are retrieved online, then we’ll pull ourselves. Once a week SBS will go through the uploaded bills, code them to the proper categories, and then add the designated approver(s). We’ll then send out a financial status report to the final approver asking them to approve the bills they want us to pay. Vendors are paid either by check or ACH. With our AP app, we do not have to become signers on your bank account and we do not pay anything that you do not approve.

As offerings come in, anything that is designated is posted to the appropriate DG account. DG accounts are monitored on a regular basis and paid outs are made to the designee as directed.

We can ether teach someone on your team how to print or email these or we can handle for you.

We have an awesome app that we use that automates this whole process making it easy for staff to upload their receipts and get reimbursed electronically. For one-off reimbursements, a form containing the backup receipts can be uploaded to our AP app.

Yes, we do! Not only can we help pay your employees via direct deposit or check, but handle all the payroll tax deposits and form filing. In addition, we can manage benefit deductions and remittances as well as provide an easy way for your hourly employees to track and submit their time.

Our standard report package includes the following reports: Statement of Financial Activities, Statement of Financial Position, Designated Giving, and Budget Versus Actual. We can also provide custom reports as needed.

Let us help you transform your business and simplify your accounting.
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