If you’ve been keeping up with our newsletter and blog (thank you!), you know how excited we are about two big announcements: Our name change to SBS Accounting & Advisors and our new advisory services division.

Our advisory services division is designed to expand our role as your trusted advisor by providing deep financial analytics and next-level plans to help you dream big and reach the path toward realizing your potential and experiencing long-term growth.

Cash flow management may be the most important factor, especially for many of our clients. According to a recent Intuit report on cash management, 66 percent of small business owners said that the largest impact with regard to their cash flow is the time it takes their receivables to process after receiving a payment. The other 34 percent reported that the issue is not getting paid by customers or clients within the terms of their payment system.

These are two major issues we see every day. To help, our new advisory services division works hard to ensure these problems don’t deter you from your goals and aspirations.

Cash Flow Management: Powerful Solutions to Your Everyday Needs

Many business owners overlook cash flow, or simply let it go over their heads and do nothing about it. Often, some just look at their online bank balance when making purchasing decisions and wonder why they later experience regular cash crunches. This is a vicious cycle that can cripple a business, and at the very least, keep it from growing.

When experiencing a cash shortage, your first instinct is to try to sell more or delay paying vendors, waiting for cash to build back up. This is a bad strategy!

At SBS, we help you know when you can expect a cash shortage and make sure you avoid it. Over time, as we help you take control of your spending and learn to think proactively versus reactively, you will begin to build reserves. For those in a position where they don’t experience regular cash shortages, we can help you build your cash reserves and strategically plan for future growth.

Bottom line: cash is king. Until you learn to manage cash flow, you’ll never be able to really grow your business.

Next Steps: What We Do for You

At SBS, we study your data, take actionable steps, and provide you with real solutions to ignite business growth and reach your true potential. In this process, we take a systematic approach, making sure we’re there for you every step of the way.

With cash flow management, we start by meeting with you to discuss your cash pain points and goals. Then, we build a cash projection that uses your recurring data from your accounting file, so that we don’t have to take any more of your time than necessary.

Next, we incorporate our findings into a projection of your goals, and any upcoming income or expenses that are non-recurring or not yet accounted for. Best of all, we meet with you each month to review your past performance, update your projection, and plan for the future month and beyond.

Ready to Tap Into the Power of Cash Flow Management? We’re Here to Help!

As you can see, cash flow management is integral to small business success. Not yet convinced? Imagine if you could make a purchase with the peace of mind knowing that you truly have the money, or even better yet, it is an expense that you had planned on making that month. That’s the power of cash flow management.

Ready to tap into the power of cash flow management, or have any questions? Feel free to contact us today, and you’ll be on your way to taking control of your business and empowering yourself with next-level tools and resources to ignite business growth.