Welcome to Sound Business Services’ staff spotlight. We recently interviewed Robyn Bracelly of Sound Business Services (SBS). Here is what she had to say about her role at SBS, the benefits of working remotely and what she does in her spare time.

Jonathan Bill: How long have you been at SBS? 

Robyn Bracelly: March will make two years for me.

JB: What do you do for SBS? 

RB: I am an account manager with SBS.

JB: What is the most satisfying part of your job? 

RB: Completing that month-end close!

JB: What do you think is the most productive app to use with QuickBooks Online (QBO)? 

RB: With the few apps I have used that connect with QBO, I really like Receipt Bank. I love that you can code the entire transaction in Receipt Bank, it syncs over to QBO with an image of the receipt attached, it saves in your archive so you can always access it at on the Receipt Bank website and, if for any reason you chose the wrong payment method in Receipt Bank, you can easily edit it in QBO without causing any sync errors.

JB: What is it like working remotely, and what tools do you use to do so? 

RB: I love working remotely. It has been such a blessing for me! I spent many years working in the office setting, and I feel like I am most productive when I can work independently at my own pace. Of course, we still have deadlines to meet and great time management is needed, but working remotely has given me such awesome flexibility with my schedule.

Sometimes, it is a challenge for me to stay disconnected during my “off time,” but getting more work done can’t hurt! I am so thankful for this opportunity that SBS has given me to work remotely. I hope to never return to an office.

JB: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

RB: I love to spend time with my family and do things together. I cherish each moment with them. I also love custom artwork and to paint rocks.

JB: Thanks Robyn!