Welcome to Sound Business Services’ staff spotlight. We recently interviewed Jennifer Richardson of Sound Business Services (SBS). Here is what she had to say about her role at SBS, the benefits of working remotely and what she does in her spare time.

Jonathan Bill: How long have you been at SBS?  

Jennifer Richardson: I started as a part-time employee in December 2016, but moved to a more full-time position in the early fall of 2018. 

JB: What do you do for SBS?

JR: I am an account manager.

JB: What is the most satisfying part of your job?

JR: It’s when I am able to help my client to better understand their reports and see how their business is performing. I also like building rapport with my clients so that they know when they call and ask for something, they know it will get done.    

JB: What do you think is the most productive app to use with QuickBooks Online (QBO)?    

JR: I think my favorite would be Bill.com. It’s an effective way to allow my clients more control over what is paid and when – there is a clear process for approvals. You can also see when bills were processed and if they’ve cleared. It allows the client to have users that work with the bills, but don’t necessarily have QuickBooks access.    

JB: What is it like working remotely, and what tools do you use to do so?

JR: I really enjoy working remotely! There are a few times something needs to be handled in person, but most of the time, having the quiet time to work helps to be more efficient. We have a variety of resources to reach out to our peers or managers if the need arises. I enjoy my set up of using three monitors. When I have the need to go on-site or somewhere else and have to use my laptop, I miss the monitor “real estate.”    

JB: Can you describe a complicated client issue and how you solved it?  

JR: One of my clients was having a hard time seeing the bottom line number on the report each month that we were providing. After speaking with him at length to understand what information he was trying to glean, we worked on the formatting of the report until it became clearer for him to understand and find the number he was looking for each month to be able to monitor the health of his business. 

JB: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

JR: Spending time with my family, whether that’s at church, taking trips to the zoo or a sporting event. We enjoy our time with one another.

JB: Thanks Jennifer!