Welcome to Sound Business Services’ staff spotlight. We recently interviewed Daniel Bill of Sound Business Services (SBS). Here is what he had to say about his role at SBS, the most satisfying part of his work and what he does in his spare time.

Jonathan Bill: How long have you been at SBS? 

Daniel Bill: Eight years.

JB: What do you do for SBS? 

DB: One of my main jobs at SBS is to assist new clients with onboarding. I set up the apps that best meet their accounting needs and train the client how to use them. Onboarding also includes making sure we have access to their accounting file and performing any cleanup necessary to ensure the books are accurate. I’m also a senior level account manager and support our account managers to satisfy our clients’ needs.

JB: What do you think is the most productive app to use with QuickBooks Online. 

DB: I would say Bill.com. The ability it has to streamline a client’s A/P is more than worth the cost to set it up. I have personally set it up for many clients and seen it work almost every time.

JB: What is the most satisfying part of your job? 

DB: Bringing closure to a cleanup project, or providing a good solution for an accounting issue, is probably the part of my job I enjoy the most.

JB: Can you describe a complicated client issue and how you solved it?

DB: Some of our clients struggle to know their tax liability throughout the year. For one particular client, I implemented a tax projection with the federal and state estimated liability amounts listed, so that the client knew the amount and due dates of their estimated tax payments throughout the year. I’m glad I could implement a system like this to reduce the amount of tax liability come tax time and keep our client from unpleasant surprises.

JB: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

DB: I have many hobbies/pursuits. But, to list a few, I enjoy hunting, walking and biking, and spending time with my wife. I also enjoy being involved in our local church.

JB: Thanks Daniel!