Welcome to another Sound Business Services’ (SBS) client profile. We recently interviewed Lorraine White, president and CEO of M-PASS Environmental in Atlanta. Here is what she had to say about her background, a bit about her company and what she gets out of the SBS relationship.

Jonathan Bill: Tell our readers what M-Pass Environmental is all about.

Lorraine White: M-PASS Environmental provides waste and recycling audits that achieve savings and enhance sustainable initiatives for organizations. M-PASS also provides turn-key hauling and recycling services to customers.

JB: You founded M-Pass Environmental is 2006.Tell us about the driving force behind why you started the company, and how your goals/expectations and the business landscape have changed in these 10 years, especially with technology.

LW: After a career in corporate America that included extensive travel and responsibility, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to take my business experience and do something different – and use it for my own company. Technology has made a big difference in our day-to-day activities. It enhances efficiencies and provides the platform to track and monitor.

JB: What sets you apart from your competition?

LW: Our waste and recycling cost reduction audit is a proprietary process; this alone separates us from other companies. I also believe our success is based on our commitment to the customer and our focus on service. The waste and recycling industry is not known to be customer friendly.

JB: When did you first engage SBS? Why did you reach out to us?

LW: I reached out to SBS approximately two years after I opened the business. We were growing and I no longer had time to manage the day-to-day accounting/bookkeeping functions.

JB: What services does SBS currently provide to your company?

LW: Over the years, SBS has performed a number of services. It has changed as M-PASS has evolved. Currently, SBS provides service for customer billing, payroll and tax reporting. I also lean on SBS for guidance, as needed.

JB: Please explain the difference that SBS has made in your company.

LW: First, let me say I have never once questioned your integrity, something tremendously valuable to me as a business owner. SBS has made a huge difference, allowing us to grow and focus on our core business.

JB: Thanks Lorraine!