The Power of Three: Benefits of a Client-CPA-Bookkeeper Team

The Power of Three: Benefits of a Client-CPA-Bookkeeper Team

Posted on May 2, 2017 by

A common misnomer is that a CPA and a bookkeeper are one in the same, when in reality, they have different roles.

While the CPA deals with the day-to-day numbers, forecasts and tax filings, the bookkeeper turns the client’s data into actionable results to help take a business to the next level and grow exponentially.

Sounds good, but the true value of the relationships occurs when you incorporate the CPA and the bookkeeper into a team, or as I like to call it, a “three-way triangle” that also includes the client. The benefits of having a great CPA and bookkeeper working together, while having your best interests at heart, are tremendous. Here are some of the biggest benefits.

Trust and Accountability

While the CPA and the bookkeeper may have different roles, they actually speak the same language, providing a system of checks and balances. The CPA and bookkeeper can check each other’s work, look for mistakes (they do happen – we are not perfect!), collaborate and plan.

For example, once the CPA gives you the amount of your quarterly tax payments, the bookkeeper will ensure the payments happen consistently. And, the bookkeeper can build the numbers, as well as spot any red flags along the way.

It’s a great feeling when the CPA and bookkeeper are able to plan together – and all three of you trust each other.

The Power of Availability

There’s power in numbers: when you have two teams working on your accounting, they will be more available to answer your questions. This teamwork approach also makes sure your financials are in order and parties are working on the same page toward a common goal.

Get the most value and the best results by ensuring you have open communication between the CPA and bookkeeper. And, both of them are responsible for keeping you abreast of all decisions and strategies.

Let us Know if we can Help!

While the bookkeeper specializes in bookkeeping, the CPA specializes in tax and accounting. You’re not paying CPA rates to do bookkeeping, and vice versa. So, the two working together is a transparent approach that creates a powerful solution.

Although Sound Business Services doesn’t do taxes in house, we have CPAs we recommend who can be cost effective. Or, if you come to us with an existing CPA, we are more than happy to work with your CPA and/or let them check up on us to make sure we are doing our job and looking out for your best interests. This builds trust and eases the switch/change for you.

If you would like to have the conversation about implementing the “power of three,” or just have some questions about it, contact us today. You’ll be on your way to a transformative experience for your business.

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