As small business owners, we have so much on our plate that we tend to forget about, or neglect, our purpose and our mission. At SBS Accounting & Advisors, our greatest joy comes from seeing you happy and successful.

I learned long ago that I could not do everything or be everywhere at once. I discovered I needed to develop an SBS team that not only has my purpose and mission in mind, but that also loves who we are and what we do, as well as you – our valued customers. After all, now more than a decade after launching SBS, I can truly say that we would not be here without your unwavering support and trust you’ve place in us. I am so grateful for this, and consider all of you, and my team, part of my extended family.

At SBS, our hope is that you reach this in your business as well. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a continual effort, but it can help you find the inner peace you search for, and help elevate your business and your customer relationships.

In this article, I want to touch on some of the ways we’ve been able to create the harmony and drive it takes to find our greater purpose and carry out our mission – making sure you are happy and growing by delivering powerful solutions to your everyday needs.

Here’s our tips on how to grow better, together, through inspiration and intention, and know that we are always here to help you in any way, or just be a sounding board for anything you are thinking or feeling.

Let your staff be themselves. It’s tempting to think your way is always the best way, and your staff must act or handle things a certain way, but that’s a losing proposition. Instead, let your staff be themselves and let their personalities come through. Listen to what they have to say and let them have a voice. You can still offer your best guidance and direction, but they need to feel that they matter. Otherwise, they likely will grow resentful, and will be more likely to not carry out your message or remain in your business for the long haul.

Be willing to delegate. At first glance, delegating might imply that someone is too good to do less valuable work, when in reality, it’s a humble and wise act that either says “I’m not the best person to do all of these things” or “I can’t do everything at once.” Beyond that, it builds confidence in your team to accomplish something and be proud of their feat, while also helping your customers and your business.

Be grateful, humble and hungry. Stepping over someone is a big no no, ego is a turn off, and too little passion will halt growth and success. At the same time, too much passion is not always necessary. Just stay true to who you are and lead with humility – much like King Saul did in the Bible. He had an unassuming nature, but was still able to show leadership qualities by being himself.

As business owners, we must be the living embodiment of our business. Everything we do, say and feel outwardly should always have our best interests – and the best interests of others – in mind. So, be sure to be grateful for what you have, and the people in your life who support and help you. Also, be humble in your success and in life because no one likes someone who is arrogant and self-righteous. If you want inspiration from a humble leader who did great things, look at King David. He was the youngest of his siblings and often overlooked, but became one of the greatest leaders in the Bible.

And, be hungry! You must always strive to do better, do more and never settle – even if you achieve success and feel you’re on cloud nine. A successful business owner must always look forward, and be hungry enough to achieve continual growth in their business and in life.

Connect with your staff and your customers in an honest, authentic way. When your intention is to back your customers and staff  with as much transparency as possible, you create valuable connections for life. When you show how much you care about your team and your customers, it can establish a level of respect and likability that goes a very low way toward growth and prosperity. So, get to know your customers and your team, and reach out to let them know you are thinking about them. With your team, celebrate wins together and show some praise.

Deliver great customer service. As small business owners, we must always be present and always be looking for powerful solutions for our customers. When it comes to you, we aim to deliver powerful solutions to your everyday needs. Remember your business mission and work with your team to carry it out.

Tap into those who inspire you to be a better person and business leader. Who, or what, inspires you? These people and things will drive you in your business and your life. For me, it’s my customers, my family, my team and my faith.

Want to Put These Strategies into Motion, or Just Want to Talk? We are Here for You!

I hope that some, or all, of these tips resonate with you in some way. At SBS, we are big believers of doing everything together to fulfill our greater purpose and carry out our mission.

I hope that you are able to do the same and would love to discuss strategies and plans to make this happen. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, or just want to talk, reach out to us today. We’d love to hear from you, and we will keep striving to help make your lives easier and help you grow personally and professionally.