Nike. Disney. Hilton. Whatever your favorite brand is, you’re most likely a loyal customer who keeps coming back time and time again to buy a product or service.

As consumers, we like a brand based on a variety of demographic and psychographic trends – at least that’s what experts say. But, I think there’s more to a brand than just the blue-sky stuff, especially for small businesses such as your own business and SBS Accountants & Advisors. Any brand worth its weight is 150 percent dependent on making sure they retain their customers and clients for life, while continually fueling their sales pipeline and converting prospects to customers.

Of course, branding is a part of marketing, which takes time and resources; how much time and how much money depends on your commitment and budget. However, the bottom line in branding is that you want to be before your audiences as often as possible in the best possible light, so that they’ll remember you and “call” again.

Low- or No-Cost Marketing Tactics

I love to talk about marketing, especially tactics that won’t break the bank. What are your tips? Here are a few of mine:

  • Create a drip marketing campaign to your prospects. For the cost of an automated email software program (we use Constant Contact, which actually integrates with QuickBooks Online), you can set up automated email messages to prospects, but be sure to include calls to action or something for your prospect to “do” next.
  • Hold a brown bag lunch at your office and teach something you know. Invite your customers and prospects, socialize for 30 minutes, and then spend 30 minutes presenting a topic. For example, we could teach how to use QuickBooks or best practices in bookkeeping. What’s your sweet spot? Whether you realize it, your customers are hungry for knowledge!
  • Network, network, network. I’ve written about networking and referrals on our blog, but I know it’s sometimes hard to take time away from your business to attend a local meeting or social function, especially when there are pressing matters at the office or you just want to get home to your family. My best networking tip is simple: Set yourself a goal to connect once a week to someone new, whether it’s in person, on LinkedIn or on Facebook (and, while you’re at it, please “like” our page).

New Refreshed Invoice Template in QuickBooks Online

Another simple tip to brand that doesn’t cost any money at all is to make your invoices and receipts stand out with your logo and company name.

If you’re not using the sales form template in QuickBooks Online, it’s time you do – and we can help you create forms that really stand out. The invoice template in QuickBooks Online was recently improved to give you more options for formatting, more accurate previews and sharper details.

If you’ve used sales forms all along, create a form the same way you always have, but when you do you, you’ll see several visual improvements, including better-looking detail that shows off your brand. Here’s an example (courtesy of Intuit):

Pretty slick, right? And, best of all, it’s included in QuickBooks Online!

Ready to Build Your Brand? We’re Here to Help!

Branding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time, but it does need to be done to remain in front of your prospects and customers. Let’s share best practices for branding and how you can use QuickBooks Online to help. Contact us today.