Let’s face it – when you think of a bookkeeping service in Atlanta, most likely you think of experts in the accounting field who can handle payroll, tax preparation, preparing financial statements and other tasks commonly associated with “bean counters.” Did you know that your bookkeeper may have some “hidden” talents up his or her sleeve that you haven’t really given much thought to?

Here are a few of those talents, more reasons why you should consider outsourcing a portion of your accounting tasks to a reputable Atlanta bookkeeper:

Knowing if your accounting employees are really as sharp as you think they are. You think your accounts payable clerk is a pro – fast, efficient, accurate. An external accountant can analyze how the process works in your unique situation, and help you evaluate your staff objectively. This will enlighten you about any training programs or workshops that may improve your current situation – and reveal possible strengths and weaknesses in current staff.

Is your accounting system ancient or inefficient? So many business owners never keep up to date on ways to improve efficiency and/or their accounting programs may be out of date. It’s easy to say “we’ve always done it that way” – and yes, sometimes doing away with what you’re comfortable with is hard. If some of your accounting procedures are obsolete, a skilled bookkeeper can help increase profits and reduce expense. Often, a fresh set of eyes can identify whether it’s time to re-negotiate contracts such s utilities, telephone and other expenses you may be paying more than you have to for.

Saving time and money through better tools. Again, you may be operating on a “dinosaur” accounting system without being aware of it. An external accountant is familiar with systems, reporting and the newest, most efficient and reliable software to help make the business of bookkeeping less costly both in terms of money and time.

There are many hidden talents of an external bookkeeper that may work to your advantage. By outsourcing some of the accounting tasks to a reputable Atlanta bookkeeping company, it’s possible that more internal controls may be put into place, and the risk of fraud by employees reduced. At Sound Business Services, Inc. we offer the administrative support and solutions you need to run your business in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Discover our “hidden” talents by contacting us today!