As a business owner, you may be the face of your company, but you are only as strong as your team.

You simply can’t be everywhere, or do everything, at once. Your team will interact with your customers every day and represent the face of your business. Therefore, building a transcendent team that will carry out your message and your purpose – and look out for the best interests of your customers – is extremely important.

At SBS Accounting & Advisors, I can confidently say that our nearly 15-year journey wouldn’t have been possible without a great team who truly cares about you: our customers. We also never could’ve gotten this far without your unwavering support and trust in us.

During our team’s journey and time spent striving to grow your companies and take you to the next level, I’ve learned some key strategies on how to build an all-star team.

Here are my five tips to building a transcendent team.

#1: Connect on a Deeper Level

As business owners, we must not let ourselves get power hungry, greedy or egotistical. We must treat our team members with respect and care – otherwise, they’ll grow to resent us, and it will show in their work and hurt our businesses. Beyond that, it’s just the right thing to do, and we believe in always doing the right thing, every time, at SBS.

With this in mind, we are big believers in connecting with our team members and cultivating relationships. In our team meetings, for example, we ask our teammates to share something about themselves, and even take time to pray for each other’s needs.

When you get to know your team on a personal level, and show them how much you care and value their efforts and lives, your team will have your back and be motivated to work hard and transcend their performance.

#2: Lead by Example 

You don’t lead by lip service; you lead by example.” – Jim Leyland

As the leader of your company, you must follow through with what you say and lead by example. For example, if you expect your team to start work on time, work hard for the full day, and also be approachable for your customers, you should as well!

This not only builds team togetherness and unity, but also shows your team how dedicated you are, helps them develop faith in you, and lets them know that you are always there if they need some guidance or direction.

Part of being a great leader is being a great coach. In the quote above, long-time baseball coach Jim Leyland provides great perspective about leading by example. It’s no wonder Leyland won it all in 1997 and was named Manager of the Year three different times across two different decades.

Bonus tip: Be a great coach for your clients, too. Being a great coach for your team is important, but you can also be a go-to coach for your clients. As you connect and develop a rapport, they’ll build trust in you and value your advice. You can step into a coaching/mentoring capacity, helping guide them through difficult circumstances or an important decision with their own team and customers. This is truly a powerful, full circle relationship.

#3: Reward Your Team

To show how much you care and value your staff, it’s important to not take their hard work and progress for granted.

When you get the chance, reward them along the way. A raise or extra time off is very welcomed, but a one-on-one sit down thanking them for all they do will also go a long way. You’d be surprised what a simple gesture of kindness can do for your team members. It’s the little things in life!

At SBS, I use a tool called Cooleaf to show our team how much they mean to me. To learn more, check out my thoughts on Cooleaf in this video.

#4: Have the Right Attitude and Outward Emotions

Your staff will notice how you act and behave. Your energy and attitude will make a big difference in their own energy and attitude.

How you conduct yourself in front of your staff is very important. It’s great to celebrate the wins, but you also want to handle the losses in a positive way. Use the times you or your team struggles or makes a mistake as learning experiences that inspire everyone to be better and do better moving forward. Visit with team members – sometimes individually – and work on solutions to the issues at hand, rather than scolding them or lamenting the mistakes made.

#5: Nurture Customer Relationships and Deliver Top-Notch Service.

Customers are the lifeblood of our businesses. They are the key to both survival and growth, and therefore, we need to pay attention to them the most and give them the proper care and consideration.

Delivering exceptional customer service and nurturing customer relationships doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s an absolute must.

To take your customer relationships and customer service game to the next level, check out our recent blog on “The Recipe for a Strong Customer Relationship.”

Ready to Build Your All-Star Team, or Have Personal Tips to Share? Let us Know!

Building an all-star team lays the foundation for a prosperous business and happy customers. Your customers crave personal attention and exceptional service.

I hope that some of these tips resonate with you and help you develop, or build upon, your all-star team. If you want to strategize about taking your team to the next level, or have some personal tips or anecdotes to share with us, reach out to us today. We’d love to hear from you!