Happy New Year!

As we settle back in from the holidays, some R&R and that much-needed vacation, it’s time to flip the calendar and make 2019 your best year yet. In doing so, we must first reflect on 2018 in order to prepare for a stronger 2019.

As you know, managing or running a small business is no small task. With a new year comes new challenges, bigger expectations and higher demand from those that count on you most – your customers – so here are five New Year’s resolutions we can all strive for to send our businesses soaring in 2019.

1. I will pay more attention to my KPIs. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are a big deal to us at Sound Business Services (SBS). They not only give us a glimpse of how your business is running, but also help us pinpoint the specific data we need to deliver you powerful solutions for business growth. We can see what needs fixing or changing, as well as get a vision for the key drivers that decide your company’s future success.

The process is simple. We first sit down with you to understand your pain points. We then review your financials and come up with a list of recommended KPIs for you to track. Finally, we’ll meet with you on a regular basis to go over your KPIs, discuss trends, celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.

And, because we are so excited about telling you about the power of KPIs and bringing your KPIs to life for long-term success, we are starting a series in our monthly newsletter called “KPI Spotlight of the Month.” So, stay tuned and reach out to us at any time; we would love to get started!

2. I will start offloading my responsibilities. As a small business owner, you are consumed with responsibilities. The temptation may be to do everything on your own, but that just isn’t realistic.

That’s why it is so important to delegate. I know how scary it can be to put important tasks you know how to do in the hands of someone else. But, isn’t that what your team is there for? And, empowering them with this responsibility may be just the thing to spark team camaraderie, performance and enthusiasm about going to work every day. It’s also a key quality of being a great leader.

For some tips on delegation and what to watch out for, check out our blog article, “4 Tips for Offloading Responsibility.” We’d love to hear from you on how you offload responsibility, too!

3. I Will Set Aside At Least 15 Minutes Per Day to Work on My Business. We wear so many hats and have so much on the line that we tend to get stuck working in our businesses. But, if we ever want to truly grow and reach our potential, we must find time to work on our businesses.

It means setting aside time – even just 15 minutes per day – to find ways to take your business to the next level, such as working on social media, blogs or newsletters, tapping into the latest technology to improve your systems and processes, finding good people to hire, letting clients know you care and cultivating those relationships, and much more.

Looking for some advice on how to start the process? Check out our blog article, “How to Transform Your Business in 15 Minutes a Day.” Of course, we are here to help you every step of the way.

4. I Will Take a Leap of Faith Into QBO and Apps. You’ve probably heard me say it before, but QuickBooks Online (QBO) is an absolute must-have for small businesses looking to grow, remain competitive and experience success.

With QBO, you get seamless scalability, the flexibility to work anywhere at any time and the means to deliver real-time data access with top-level security in the cloud. But, that doesn’t mention perhaps the best part. How about the luxury of choosing from hundreds of powerful apps that integrate with QBO to transform your business and save us both hours of time and stress?

SBS will help you every step of the way, finding which apps best fit your specific business, as well as getting the best use out of QBO.

5. I Will Invest in a Powerful Payroll System. There’s a good chance that you knew we did bookkeeping, but did you know that SBS also specializes in payroll?

Every successful small business must have a powerful payroll system that utilizes 21st century technology. Our go-to payroll app for this is Gusto.

Gusto is extremely easy and efficient; in fact, Gusto reports that a staggering 72 percent of their customers spend five minutes or less running payroll. When combining the power of Gusto with our knowledge and experience, you’ll enjoy a much more streamlined, efficient process that saves you time, allowing you to do what you do best – run your business and help it grow.

So, whether it’s setting up accounts, getting employees on-boarded or running payroll on a regular basis, we’ve got you covered.

Make 2019 a Year to Remember!

If we implement these New Year’s resolutions, I have faith that our businesses and our personal lives will experience immense growth in 2019 and beyond. I would love to hear your feedback on these, as well as some of your own New Year’s resolutions. Contact us today with your thoughts and stories!