If you’ve been reading my content (thank you!), you know I’m a big fan of QuickBooks Online (QBO). Even though QBO already offers many benefits, one thing I absolutely love is that Intuit is constantly working to improve the product.

The latest batch of new QBO features does just that. As small business owners, these three enhancements make our lives easier and also help Sound Business Services (SBS) continue to bring you powerful solutions to your everyday needs.

1. Get money in hand faster with next-day payments. Cash flow is always a consideration in any small business, and no one likes doing all the hard work and waiting days to get paid. With QuickBooks Payments, you can now get paid for your work as soon as the very next day. For more information and FAQs, click here.

2. Auto-collected contractor W-9s. If the everyday grind of running a business wasn’t stressful enough, tax season certainly puts things over the edge. Besides being a drain on our time, one mistake could result in massive headaches and penalties.

One part of filing your taxes that is never fun is chasing down contractors to submit their W-9s. That’s now a thing of the past with QuickBooks’ auto-collected contractor W-9s. Setting up W-9s in QBO only takes a few minutes – and we can help guide you through the process.

3. Automated repetitive routines. I don’t know about you, but spending time on repeat tasks not only drives me crazy, but also takes me away from running my business.

Now, in QBO, you can put these repetitive tasks on the backburner with the new Manage Routines feature. Duties such as letting customers know of unpaid invoices and setting up bill reminders are now done for you. For a more thorough step-by-step breakdown of the automated repetitive routine process, click here, or watch the video below.

Let Us Help You

While Intuit does a terrific job coming out with new and exciting features to transform your experience, our help and expertise is key to getting you get the best solutions to your everyday needs. If you’re ready to get the most out of these features or want to discuss moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO, contact us today. You’ll be on your way to reaping the rewards of greater cash flow, a less stressful tax season and all the other big benefits QBO offers.

(Video courtesy of Intuit QuickBooks)