6 Tips to Being a Better Leader, Person and Small Business Owner

As you know, running a business is anything but easy, and success doesn’t happen overnight. Whether it’s building and training your team, networking with peers and prospects, or managing the day-to-day grind and back office work, you’re constantly pulled in a million directions, where decisions and actions are magnified.

Yet, through it all, there are some fundamental strategies you can apply to put yourself on the path toward long-term growth and success. Here are my 6 tips to being a better leader, person and small business owner:

  1. Take control of your day. When Monday morning rolls around, don’t immediately dive into your email inbox and let the world take you by the tail. Instead, take charge by writing down your goals for that week and your plan for executing them. Refer back to your plan each day (ideally, at the start) and track your progress. Email can wait. The world can wait. If your business is going to grow, you are going to have to be intentional about it.
  2. Don’t coast. Sometimes, and very often in business, we get tired and become content with the status quo, even though we know there are things that need to be fixed or areas of our business that need improvement. Just doing enough to get by is not the best mentality for a small business owner – at least not one who wants to grow. A small business owner should have big dreams and not be afraid to pursue them. A simple shift in mindset and goal strategy can ignite you and help you reach untapped potential.
  3. Take one bite at a time. While the saying might be a bit overused, it’s definitely not over-applied. We quickly get overwhelmed because we try to take on change all at once. Instead, if we break things down into bite-size manageable chunks, it is amazing what we can accomplish over time. So, be patient and never give up at the first sign of adversity. A successful small business owner breaks through barriers to get where they want to go.
  4. Rise above. Unfortunately, some people go low. Maybe, it’s something they say or the way they treat you. Instead of rewarding evil with good, reward good with evil and watch how God works in their life – and in yours, too!
  5. Stay inspired. Whether it’s your loved ones, mentors, some heroic feat or act in the world, or something else, we are all inspired by someone or something. Take that inspiration and put it into everything you do with your small business. And, don’t forget why you went into business, and don’t forget why you are a human being (Isaiah 43:7).
  6. Be grateful, humble and hungry. Stepping over someone is a big no no, ego is a turn off, and too little passion will halt growth and success. As business owners, we must be the living embodiment of our business. Everything we do, say and feel outwardly should always have our best interests – and the best interests of others – in mind. So, be sure to be grateful for what you have and the people in your life who support and help you. Also, be humble in your success and in life because no one likes someone who is arrogant and self-righteous. And, be hungry! You must always strive to do better, do more and never settle – even if you achieve success and feel you’re on cloud nine. A successful business owner must always look forward and be hungry enough to achieve continual growth in their business and in life.

Have Some Thoughts or Questions? Let us Know!

I hope these words resonate and you find the meaning to carry out your purpose, personally and in your business, to realize your goals and dreams. But, of course, these are just my thoughts and I would love to hear from you on what helped shape your personal journey.

My greatest joy as a small business owner is seeing your happiness and success. So, contact us today with any thoughts or questions; we would love to talk and we continue to be inspired and grateful for the trust you place in us!

New QuickBooks Online Features: QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail and Enhanced Reports

You’ve probably heard me say it before, but Intuit is constantly looking to improve your experience, and get you the tools you need to reach your potential and grow your business.

Their latest wave of new features includes QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail and new reports within QuickBooks Online (QBO). These enhancements will not only ease the burden come tax time (for both of us), but also provide you greater visibility and better workflow.

Here are the latest features:

QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail 

Let’s face it … tracking down payments is never fun, and usually leads to stress and sometimes even strained relationships. That’s now a thing of the past with QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail.

Now, if you use Gmail, you don’t have to worry about going back and forth between email and QBO. Everything is literally at your fingertips under one umbrella, and it’s up to date and requires less work on your part!

You simply create your own professional invoice within Gmail and offer convenient payment options. You then get visibility over everything – current customers, products, services and invoices – right in your Gmail, allowing you to easily track the entire invoicing process.

If you’re ready to tap into this powerful feature, or just have a few questions, let Sound Business Services know and we can help!

New Reports in QBO 

To ease the burden of tax time, Intuit expanded its reports to now offer Trial Balance and General Ledger reports. When it comes to accounting and filing taxes, both of these are a must. And, they’re available in all three versions of QBO.

On top of that, the recently launched 1099 Transaction Detail Report allows business owners more transparency and visibility into their contractors and freelancers for tax reporting, helping both of us come tax time.

Overwhelmed? Don’t Be! We are Here to Help

You may be feeling overwhelmed by all of this, or have some questions. Don’t worry because we are here to help every step of the way.

It’s when you combine these new features with our experience and knowledge that you get a powerful solution. Contact us today to get started or learn more, and you’ll be on your way to creating less stress and better workflow, allowing you the time to focus on running and growing your business.