NEW QuickBooks Online Features: Categories and Customization

QBOLogoRemember the days where stacks of disorganized paper dictated your sales order process, leading to clutter and hours of stress? This kind of chaos is now obsolete with QuickBooks Online (QBO).

As you may have heard, Intuit recently made some significant enhancements to QBO and I wanted you to know about them.

QuickBooks Categories

First, with new QuickBooks categories, you can neatly classify products and services much more easily, putting you in complete control over your inventory and sales.

Before now, your inventory and sales items were set up as items and sub-items, a process prone to inventory mistakes and confusion. QuickBooks has replaced this with categories and sub-categories, a game changer for your business and its productivity. Not only do categories help you better understand sales volume and who’s buying what, but they also save you time when completing transaction forms, since you can search for items by categories. All this translates to saving you time and providing you with additional tools to grow your business.

If you already have sub-items in QBO, or are moving over from QuickBooks Pro/Premier, don’t worry; items or sub-items that have child items will be converted into categories, and all sub-items will become stand-alone items and be placed into categories by the same name of the original parent item. QuickBooks will maintain the hierarchy you have established with your items and sub-items.

Confused? Contact us today to discuss how categories affect your business, and we will help you every step of the way.

Sales Form Customization

Another great enhancement is the new Sales Form Customization in QBO. Now, you no longer have to find and use a software program outside of QuickBooks to generate, send and enter invoices, estimates, and other sales collateral into QuickBooks Online.

In addition, Sales Form Customization allows you to bring your business to the forefront. From out-of-the-box layouts, the size and placement of your logo, creative color palettes, and categorizing and customizing any details, you can greatly enhance the customer experience and make your business stand out.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Personal Brand: Your brand is everything – who you are and what you represent … essentially, the look and feel for your business. Color and style choices set you apart, and you can get as creative as you want to catch your clients’ and prospects’ attention with custom-designed colors and styles.
  • Two-in-one Accounting: One of the strongest features within customization is that you can now record transactions and bill at the same time.
  • Sales Tracking: Tracking your sales is now much more accurate because invoices, orders and other forms are kept inside QuickBooks.

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these new enhancements or how they might affect your bookkeeping. Contact us today to discuss adding QuickBooks customization and categories to your current services. You’ll experience greater efficiency and results to improve your business.

Sound Business Services Recommends SOS Inventory

InventoryDepending on your industry, making mistakes in tracking inventory and managing your orders can break your business. One wrong count or false report can lead to hours of paper trails and additional work, as well as unfulfilled orders for your customers, which is the very last thing you would ever want. If you don’t satisfy your customers, they’ll go to your competition.

Consider using SOS inventory, a dynamic sync with QuickBooks® Online (QBO) that takes your inventory, order management and manufacturing to the next level.

Sound Business Services recently started using SOS Inventory with a client and we are both seeing tremendous results. SOS Inventory allows you to work anywhere, anytime, and automates the inventory process to reduce or even eliminate manual entry. Other benefits include:

  1. The Power of the QBO Integration – As you may know, QBO transforms the accounting experience, delivering powerful data and results, saving you time that can be put into better running your business. That’s why, from its very foundation, SOS Inventory built its software to integrate with QBO. SOS Inventory also integrates with PayPal; this enables you to automatically download your PayPal transactions and import them into QBO.
  2. Serious Tracking – By tracking serial and lot numbers, you are not only able to make sure everything gets to its final destination on time, but also have a transparent history to expedite and ease the process in the future, especially as your business grows.
  3. Order Management Streamlined – One feature missing from QBO is the ability to generate sales orders. That’s where SOS Inventory comes in handy by setting up sales orders and converting them to QBO invoices. They sync with QBO for a seamless experience. Picking, packing and shipping are simple.
  4. Streamline Manufacturing – If you produce a product, you can look to SOS Inventory to reduce overhead, labor and costs. By building and tracking assemblies, item groups (kits), and multiple stages of work-in-progress, you know exactly where your raw materials are at all times. You can also improve your customer service by being able to give a precise estimate on lead times.
  5. Supporting Multiple Locations – Have multiple locations? With SOS Inventory, you have full support of multiple locations. Whether it’s purchasing and receiving items, shipping orders, or transferring items, you are able to do so conveniently and affordably between any location. Being able to instantly see how much inventory is in each of your workplaces is a big benefit.

When combined with our services, you’ll achieve measurable results in a short amount of time. For more information on the product itself, click here. SOS Inventory also offers a 30-day free trial at no risk, to help you get started and see what it can do for you. Contact us today to discuss adding SOS Inventory to your current services. You’ll be on track to bigger and better things.