4 Tips for Small Businesses Looking for Bookkeepers in Atlanta

Running your own business in Atlanta may very well be a dream come true. As a result, you may be brimming with ideas of how to make the most of the experience, both in terms of profits and personal satisfaction. But whether you are just starting out, or have already found your stride, the budget will always be one of your top concerns. As a small business owner, budgeting might not always be your strong suit — even if you are good in math. While hiring a bookkeeper might seem like an extra expense, in the long run it is an investment worth pursuing in order to keep your business on track, avoid excessive debt, and keep the money for different areas of your business, such as hiring new employees, setting aside money to pay taxes, and planning new growth allocated in the appropriate proportions. But it’s not enough to have a bookkeeper on your staff. You need to hire the right one. Here are a few things that you should keep at the top of your priority list


1. Don’t Underestimate Experience and Credentials

When looking for an Atlanta accountant to help with your business’ accounting, it is natural to first search based on price…and let’s be honest, the least expensive option. While networking and creating these connections are fine, they should stop right there, and remain business connections.

It is important to choose an accounting firm in Atlanta with experience, credentials and business maturity. SoundBusiness Services, Inc. started in 2006 as a small business run out of the owner’s home with a mission to help small businesses and other organizations to get in and stay in control of their finances. SBS offered the convenience of being able to offer their services remotely, and still does. The business grew and SBS started to bring on more professional bookkeepers, and moved into an office in Vinings, GA.

SBS has become highly respected among Atlanta Accounting Firms, and has received high praise from clients and other industry professionals as well. Getting bookkeeping under control is the first step toward getting a proper financial grip on your small business, and since small businesses, especially start ups can be very vulnerable it is important to go beyond working with someone who is “good at math” and work with Certified Public Bookkeepers who are known for their integrity and professionalism.


2. Finding a Flexible CPA in Atlanta

One of the exciting things about running a small business is that anything can happen. Although you are sure to find an excellent Atlanta Accountant at SBS, it doesn’t mean that your own company needs to be located in Atlanta, or even in Georgia. Sound Business Services primarily uses QuickBooks in order to manage the finances of its clients, but can also work with other software systems as well when necessary. They handle most of their business via phone, email, and internet, so they can take on clients from all over, and they go out of their way to work with you to make your accounting experience easy as pie.

For those who are located in Atlanta there is the option to meet their trained staff in person in order to get the best possible understanding of your bookkeeping needs.


3. The Ability to Start From Anywhere

Since small business make the decision to look for accounting firms in Atlanta at varying stages of their business, it is important that they examine accounting firms in Atlanta that can jump in at whatever stage the business happens to be in. Sound Business Services has the ability to come in and help a business build a strong financial foundation as they first start out. They can also jump in on a challenge where there may have been bookkeeping mistakes in the past, and do “damage control” in order to get the business up to financial speed by examining bank statements and other documents. Lastly, they can take over an established set of books and keep them well-maintained while looking for ways to enhanced existing systems.


4. Honest, Clear, and Fair Pricing

When you’re trying to figure out the best way to budget for your business, you need to have a clear idea of what your expenses are, including the charges you get from Atlanta accounting firms. SBS keeps their rates affordable and has a comprehensive listing of their most popular plans and pricing based on the number of accounts and transactions your business has, your invoicing needs, and bill pay and tracking. When multiple services are needed, they can come up with packaged pricing and give you a quote based on your specific needs.

Why you Need Payroll Processing

Running a business is not just a way to make a living, but it is a way to pursue your passion and give an extra push to your sense of purpose. When you are successful, you come to the end of each day, and each tax year with a reasonable profit and the financial strength to keep following your vision for another year or more. But for most business, taking care of bookkeeping, accounting, and handling payroll issues isn’t exactly a prominent part of the dream…that’s where accounting firms in Atlanta, GA can help.

The fact is, though accounting might not be the most fun part of running your business, there are other reasons to let an Atlanta accountant help you with your business. Especially if the business is relatively small. For businesses with 20 employees or less it is usually more cost effective to turn to Atlanta accounting firms to handle your payroll. Without dedicated personnel or a department to handle your business’s accounting, chances are these responsibilities will fall on a handful of people who have other jobs to do. While these people are poring over the books, their attention and overall productivity in their main position is likely to suffer, slowing the growth of your business.

When you work with accounting firms in Atlanta, GA you also have the benefit of their expertise. Since these people have been trained to handle a variety of payroll situations, there is a far better chance that everything will be handled correctly the first time, or if there is a problem, the firm you hire will be able to find the mistake and correct it quickly. In most cases, the accounting firm has a policy that they will take on the responsibility of getting the payroll right the first time, and if they do get things wrong, your company can seek restitution. When the accounting is done in house and a mistake is made, you not only don’t have any recourse, but your business winds up taking on the expense of the mistake.

Professional accounting or bookkeeping firms in in Atlanta also bring insight that comes from working with a variety of businesses and a familiarity with the evolving tax code that will allow them to not only keep your employees satisfied, but the government as well. By passing the baton to a competent accounting firm in Atlanta, it gives your business one less thing to worry about. Most business owners would agree that a little peace of mind can go a long way when it comes to keeping less stress in your own life, more content employees, and the creative freedom to find new ways to grow your business.

But one decision that does need to be made is who to hire to handle your Atlanta business’s payroll and taxes. SoundBusiness Services, Inc. in Atlanta, GA is an experienced accounting firm that can take on everything from payroll processing, to 1099 preparation for independent contractors, sales taxes, and much more. They offer extensive reporting and tracking services and integrate their processes with Quickbooks, a leader in bookkeeping software. They’ll even provide Quickbooks training to help increase your understanding of your company finances. Their fees are clear and competitive. Contact SBS today to find out how their Atlanta accounting services can help you make the most of your business.

Keep Your Business Flowing Smoothly With Budgeting and Reporting Services

If you harbor a lingering dread of managing your new startup company’s finances, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel overwhelmed at the thought of bookkeeping and managing taxes when all they really want to do is sell their product or provide their service.

And of course everyone wants to make a profit as quickly as possible, which is always where things get tricky. That’s also where accounting firms in Atlanta come into play so you can focus on the daily operating matters involved with making your business grow. Spend time and energy marketing your product or service, making it readily available to your target customers while one of the premier Atlanta CPA firms handles your financial matters.

Hiring a professional and trusted Atlanta CPA, like Sound Business Systems, is the first step toward keeping your business flowing smoothly. Your Atlanta accountant can help you with your budgeting and reporting services in several ways.


Diagnose Your Cash Flow Problems Quickly and Accurately With an Atlanta Accountant

With one of the Atlanta CPA firms, you can help pinpoint the reason your business has not yet shown the growth that you had hoped for and had anticipated in a relatively short amount of time. Also, your CPA in Atlanta will look at your books and records objectively and, therefore, with more clarity and less emotional stake than you and your partners will have. Often facing such a task without personal involvement and concern works out for the best, with the accountant easily detecting the problems and already having a reliable and ready stable of ideas for you to correct your business’s course to help you change the direction of your cash flow.


Your accountant can help you find some problems that might include:

  • Inconsistent bookkeeping practices that cause disorganization and confusion.
  • Failure to collect bad debts, which is another negative side effect of not keeping accurate books.
  • Credit terms with your clients do not line up with the credit terms with your vendors, creating a log jam in the short-term and chaos and a potentially serious negative cash flow over time.

For each of these issues, as well as an early excessive surge in growth or struggles with forecasting your company’s growth, CPA firms in Atlanta can help you find the best ways to manage your company’s books in the present and work toward solid growth in the future.