Our 5 Favorite Apps for Tax Season

Our 5 Favorite Apps for Tax Season

Posted on February 6, 2018 by

As tax season kicks into full gear, our time – and running our businesses – becomes that much more important. But, don’t worry because Sound Business Services (SBS) is here to help you with both!

With the power of QuickBooks Online (QBO), the flexibility of the cloud and those game-changing apps, you will be on your way to working smarter, more efficiently and at a higher level in less time.

In fact, the average small business owner uses 18 apps to run his or her business every day, according to Intuit. And, with more than 500 apps that integrate with QBO, it can be very overwhelming deciding which ones to choose. So, I will give you my 5 favorite apps (and a bonus app!) to help navigate tax season and take your business to the next level; of course, we will work with you to make sure you get the apps that work best for your business.

  1. Bill.com As a bookkeeper, I can truly say that Bill.com is a blessing. Through Bill.com, we are able to bring you a consistent billing strategy, as well as automate your accounts payables and receivables.
  2. Receipt BankAbsolutely one of our favorite apps, Receipt Bank stores all of your important bills and receipts in one place, accessible any time, anywhere. You simply snap a photo of a bill or forward a receipt by email and Receipt Bank does the rest. That means no more lost or accidentally shredded bills! This brings you real-time information at your fingertips, saving you lots of time and disaster. But, what we do goes way behind what the app does, including ensuring your receipts are coded to the correct accounts and then matching them with your bank transactions in QBO.
  3. GustoWhen it comes to paying staff and contractors, Gusto is super easy and super efficient. In fact, Gusto’s found that 72 percent of their customers spend five minutes or less running payroll. We can help you get set up, and of course, handle all your payroll needs.
  4. ExpensifyWhat if all of your receipts, mileage, company card transactions and other expenses could be captured and automated in a snap? It literally can with Expensify. Through their patented SmartScan technology, you easily snap a photo and the app does the rest. Then, we take over to not only make sure everything is running smoothly, but also bring you meaning behind your numbers to take your business to the next level.
  5. TSheets By QuickBooksFor time tracking, TSheets is our go-to app. The days of punching the clock are mostly a distant memory, with many businesses requiring employees to constantly be on the go, working from anywhere, any time. This is where TSheets comes in handy. You can now track everywhere your employees ago from any device, through the app. It makes payroll, invoicing and job costing much simpler and more efficient.

Bonus app: MileIQMileIQ allows you to track your mileage in real time by simply setting up the app. So, whenever you’re on the go – perhaps to your next business meeting or delivering something to a customer – your miles are tracked, making our job and your reporting so much easier. Features include automatic tracking, reporting at your fingertips, and the ability to give your route a specific name to clarify if it’s for business or personal.

We are Here to Help

Of course, this list represents our favorite apps that may work for you, and SBS will help evaluate which apps are the best fit for your particular business. And, with Intuit always looking to improve and add more apps, that brings endless possibilities and our list is constantly changing.

So, contact us today to see which apps work best for you, or to go over any questions you may have, and you will be on your way to realizing untapped potential and taking your business to the next level.

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