Our Brand Promise

Just as with automobiles, colleges, and restaurants, not all bookkeepers and advisors are created equal. As the gatekeepers of your most sensitive financial information, it is vital that you have an accountant that not only does timely and accurate work, but also has the expertise to advise you on how to make wise decisions for your organization.

At SBS our passion is to provide a premium level of service and client-experience. We take pride in doing everything with excellence and making our clients successful. Below are some examples of what makes us different:

  1. Customer support: we are committed to caring for our customers and getting back with them in a timely fashion (24 hours and many times sooner). We also believe that our customers should have one place where they can easily and securely access their files and communicate with us. Our state-of-the-art onboarding process and easy-to-follow workflows are additional ways that we provide an exceptional experience to our customers.
  2. Timeliness & accuracy: when we agree upon a time that we are going to send you reports each month (see Our Plans & Pricing for options on report delivery dates), you can expect to receive your reports by that time each month. Your reports also go through a double-review process where they are reviewed and signed off on by a senior manager before they are sent to you.
  3. Security: at SBS, we take the security of your information very seriously. The apps we employ use bank-level security. Whenever possible we use multi-factor authentication and make sure that our staff only have access to the clients to which they are assigned. We also run background checks on all of our staff. Lastly, we use a secure client dashboard to limit the security risks of email.
  4. Redundancy & backup: your financial information should not be dependent upon one person or upon one device/system. This is why we thoroughly document all your tasks and have two backup systems for your files so that if something unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered.
  5. Scalable: you need an accountant that can grow with you as you grow. We have clients who have very basic needs and some whose needs are very complex and involved. As your needs change, we will discuss this with you and draw upon our experience and team of bookkeepers and advisors to help you grow to the next level.
  6. Experience: We believe that your books are important. This is why all of our staff are taken through a rigorous vetting process before they are hired. All of our account managers and senior account managers have college degrees and are both QuickBooks Online and Desktop certified. Since 2006, SBS has helped hundreds of small businesses of all different shapes and sizes. This experience enables us to serve clients in many different types of industries. SBS has also developed special expertise in several industries as can be seen on our industry expertise page.
  7. Technology focused: sometimes accountants are accused of being old school and stuck in the past. Not at SBS. We love utilizing the latest and greatest apps to help save our clients time and money.
  8. Future looking: we understand that you can’t run your business looking in the rearview mirror. This is why we help our clients with managing their cashflow, understanding their financial statements, and forecasting the future. For a full list of our advisory services, please visit our services page.

Because our focus is on providing a premium level of service, this means we are not always the cheapest. And we don’t want to be. We believe our customers deserve more. If you have had a bad experience with a bookkeeper in the past or you are not getting what you need from your current accountant, we would love to talk with you.


Theo Gilbert-Jamison, Chief Executive Officer of Performance Solutions by Design

“Your team is so incredible! You are very professional, very accurate in your work, and always proactive in helping your clients be better.”

Mike Lauter, operations director of First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville

“Having SBS help us transition to the cloud has been tremendous. It has also been a savings in cost. They have also helped us significantly reduce our paper usage.”

Kevin Caiaccio, owner of The Caiaccio Law Firm, LLC

“We handle a lot of client’s money – sometimes tens of millions of dollars. Knowing that you are accounting for it on a weekly basis helps me sleep at night.”

Roy Smith, owner of RA Asphalt

“When you guys first came, I was overwhelmed administratively. Things were chaotic. You guys came in with a game plan. It was a breath of fresh air.”

Let us help you transform your business and simplify your accounting.