Frequently Asked Questions

Setup/Signup FAQs

Please call us at 800-381-2989 or click on the free quote icon at the top of each page. After receiving your message, we will prepare a custom quote for your organization.

Yes. Through our initial setup process we will gather the information we need to properly setup your company’s beginning balances and accounts. After your company file is setup, we’ll make sure your books are maintained on a regular basis.

Yes. Through our initial interview process we’ll give you a list of exactly the things we need from you (i.e. bank statements) to get you back on track.

Most certainly. Although it is best if we can get a copy of your accounting file, it is not necessary. We can start with a copy of your most recent bank statements.

Not at all. Due to modern technology our services can be provided virtually anywhere. All of our communications with our customers can effectively be handled via the phone and internet.

Yes. Our team of experienced ProAdvisors will meet with you to discuss the pros/cons of moving to QuickBooks so that you can make the right decision for your organization.

Yes. We offer this value-added service to our Atlanta-based customers.

Most definitely. SBS offers several solutions for customers who desire this service. Please contact SBS for exactly which solution would work best in your situation.

Plans and Pricing FAQs

A P&L and Balance Sheet are included in all plans. Reports included in the Silver and Gold plans are much more robust and include graphs, charts, and KPIs. Custom reports are also available upon request.

Catch-up work is billed on a per-project basis. Please contact us for a free quote for your project.

Yes, we typically charge a minimal setup fee. The amount of the fee depends upon how much cleanup and setup work needs to be done.

Typically we design our plans and services on a per-company basis. However, depending upon the scope of services needed by each company, SBS may be able to provide a multi-company discount.

Please contact us so we can learn more about your needs and how we might meet them.