1099 Preparation

1099 Preparation

SBS Accounting & Advisors offers full-service Form 1099-MISC preparation and processing.

Their services include:

  • Preparing and sending Form 1099-MISC to all of your eligible vendors by January 31st each year
  • E-filing Form 1096 with the IRS by January 31st each year

Below are three reasons why you should have SBS process your 1099’s each year:

  • Less headache for you. No more staying up till midnight on January 31st filling out paper forms. All you have to do is send SBS your vendor information and they’ll take care of the rest. Better yet, if SBS is also providing your bookkeeping services, you even have less work to do, as SBS will already have access to virtually all the information they’ll need.
  • More peace of mind. No longer do you have to worry about whether or not you are in compliance with the latest 1099 rules. SBS will guide you through which vendors are eligible for 1099’s and which ones are not.
  • More money in your pocket. Reporting subcontractor wages to the IRS shouldn’t break the bank and shouldn’t break you either. This is why SBS provides their 1099 processing services at prices you can afford. Whether you have 3 1099’s or 30, SBS’s rates are affordable and reasonable.
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